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Saturday Night in Sin


It should seem fitting that only in Sin City, would I be sent to cover an assignment at a church. After spending nearly two hours at the church with the kindest strangers I have encountered in a long time and listening to the Rev. George Balgan embrace his small and tightly-knit group of parishioners with an open heart, I left the little makeshift church that is nestled in a commercial center among ethnic restaurants. Within 20 minutes and less than 2 miles of a drive, I was standing in a strip club. My next assignment was to cover a comedian who was performing in the club’s showroom. A burlesque act offered entertainment in between a set.

When I approached the club, I kept thinking of the kind reverend as I passed two questionable individuals who sat on the front stoop pouring alcohol from a water bottle they retrieved from a dirty backpack. Once inside, I immediately noticed that the club was huge, shiny and impressive. A lot of men walked by in nice attire admiring the women who wore more makeup and hair products than clothing. The place oozed of riches, alcohol, and desires. It was quite the opposite of the cozy church I had just been in where everyone eagerly greeted me and quickly asked me to return.

A while later when my photos were shot and I was good and tired, I left the club. I was putting away my cameras in my car in the parking lot, and I noticed the club had a large spotlight projecting into the atmosphere. The beams of light flickered and danced in the sky calling people to come and worship.

Supersized Sexy

Thick Sundaes

I walked into Foxy Girls strip club around sunset with big expectations. I had landed myself a job shooting stills on a British documentary regarding deliberate extreme weight gain in the world of Super Size Big Beautiful Women.

Once a month, ladies of the BBW community are welcomed to take the stage at the club for free and keep the tips they earn without a house fee. On this particular Sunday, out-of-town BBW Conference attendees were welcomed to dance. Meet “A Darling BBW” from Detroit, an extremely friendly young lady who wore a smile better than her red sparkled wig.

I was surprised to find that one dancer had to be up in a few hours for her job as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. She also has a son and wasn’t too keen doing portraits in her skimpy outfit with others in a tourist location because children were nearby. Another dancer revealed to me that it was her first time stripping. I tried to envision her daily life back in her conservative hometown in Utah. The most shocking interaction I had was with a woman who had a very suggestive stage name and was absolutely wonderful during her portrait session. She also did a trick with a lollipop. I will never look at a sucker the same again.

I left 8 hours later in the middle of the night with a hefty amount of images and was more eager to edit than sleep. My experience was much more than I expected. It really was, well, big.