Mohawk Madness

Mohawk Madness

The infamous Las Vegas Strip is definitely a place where one can see a lot of characters. As of lately, hordes of literal characters ranging from children’s animation stars to Elvis Presley impersonators can be found entertaining the crowds asking for a tip in exchange for a photograph.

However, today while on assignment to photograph construction outside of Treasure Island, I did not encounter a single wandering icon on my stretch of my city’s most popular 4.2 miles, but I did stumble upon Chris.

Chirs Wallingford, who has Britney Spears’ new show advertised on his Mohawk, rides the escalator outside of Wynn hotel-casino. Willingford had a sample advertisement airbrushed into his Mohawk to promote his business, Mohawk4hire, where companies can hire advertising space on his hair.

In the short time that my walking path merged with Chris’, I saw him stop to take photographs three times and also witnessed many points, snickers, and gasps from passersby.

I’d have to say this colorful character is definitely onto something. Now if only I could get my hair to stand up quite that way, I could offer Chris my services to moonlight as a second walking billboard.

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